14 Septmember 2016

I had to share this shot because it gave me major Taylor Swift folklore vibes, except I did it first in 2016. There are times I miss Colorado while living in this city. I miss the air’s freshness, the mountains acting as a backdrop, and the way the trees fill the empty spaces around you. These photos capture some of the last moments that I had in the state. I knew in a few days. I would leave my vacation in Aspen and return to Denver to pack up what remained of my life in Colorado and drive back to Florida. 

I had spent the whole summer preparing for an internship that would never manifest. I had entered a new relationship and planned to fly to him when I returned home. I had all these plans, but I didn’t know then that Colorado would always hold some of my heart, and I would not ever get that back. This state will always keep some of the most formative memories, friendships, and growth. 

I think a lot comes when you pick up and move away from your comfort area. Colorado prepared me for my move across the pond, and then my move to New York. Colorado prepared me for my long nights studying in my Master’s. My professors played a role in molding what my future could look like as a writer. Colorado has always set the bar high and prepared me always to push myself to that level. 

I waited eight months to return, and I returned for what was supposed to be my graduation year. I watched my friends have their moment in the sunlight of Folsom Stadium as the chancellor gave recognition to the various schools and graduates. At some moments, it felt like the longest time, but then I waited two more years to return, but when I did, I remembered everything that I missed. 

I missed the way the flatirons came into focus in every direction, the taste of Illegal Petes on a sunny afternoon, or the weight of a stein at the Biergarten downtown. There is still so much that I miss when I think about Colorado. The friends I have who still live there, the Saturday football games, and weekends are spent in the mountains. 

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