Today is my twenty-fifth birthday, so I thought it would be nice to reflect on the past year of being twenty-four. I started the year at dinner with my partner, and we sat next to a very drunk but kind man at the Benihana table. He was a bit crass and overbearing, leaving little time for my boyfriend and me to enjoy the evening, but we maintained our composure until we could word vomit all over Central Park as we debriefed over the entire experience that left our mouths agape.

He didn’t like that I said I “liked” my boyfriend after he spent the previous 45 min complimenting him. He didn’t like that I didn’t want to drink sake bombs, and he definitely did not like that his “sake mule” wasn’t served in a copper mug. Still, I tried to eat my free chicken and shrimp meal in peace as I vowed to never return to the midtown location in the fear that we would ever see him again (he and his partner visit the location “weekly”) 

Hopefully, that dinner wouldn’t become an omen for what 24 would bring me, and well, now being 25, I know there is some truth to that, but for the most part, the year was full of successes. 

At 24, I drove across the country with my boyfriend, who, of course I love, George from Benihana. I graduated from my Masters at New York University and finished a novel. I learned from new jobs in writing, publishing, and editing. I traveled around the East Coast and West, discovering new towns to fall in love with. I started baking more and found a passion for blogging my intimate thoughts. I reminisced over a forgotten love, celebrated love, and found love tucked into the crack of my life during times when it was hard to see the positives.

There was a lot more to enjoy and relive, like having my whole family visit me in New York, numerous times. Reconnecting with friends all over the world in person, over the phone, or on direct messaging platforms, and making new friendships. I am thankful for these people the most because they are going to make 25 what it is –– a year of persistence. This year I aim to maintain my relationships, further my career, and my self by doing everything I can to stand back up.

Here’s to twenty-five!


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